Why Is Cleaning Your Pool Necessary?

In the event that you have a swimming pool in your area, it is necessary to know all the procedures that are necessary to proceed with its cleaning. Cleaning the pool is not only a process that ensures the hygiene of your space, but also an indicator of your professionalism and seriousness. If you have an accommodation that welcomes people, it is necessary to know everything about cleaning your pool, as this is the window of your business. Also, if the pool is in your home, it is necessary that it be clean for you and for the image of your home.

Factors That Determine Your Pool Cleaning

The main factor that determines the frequency of cleaning your pool is the temperature. When the temperature reaches and exceeds 23 degrees Celsius, the water starts to become cloudy due to the rapid growth of the microorganisms in it. Another consequence of the growth of microorganisms is the change in the pH of the pool. This value is an indicator of the acidity of the water and it is necessary to keep it constant.

rain water
Another source that contaminates swimming pools is rainwater. In addition to the changes that rainwater makes to pool water characteristics, pool cleaning is essential because rainwater carries leaves and other foreign materials into the pool.

Construction Materials of the pool surface

The construction must be completed with durable materials, which ensure watertightness and smoothness on the internal surfaces without pores and do not react with the chemical materials used to treat the pool water. Otherwise, we have cracks and therefore moisture, consequently contaminated water.

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Surrounding space and trees

Special care should be taken when planting trees with potentially destructive roots around the pool area. Potentially, in the future, significant damage will be caused under the walls or in the mechanical part of the pool. We try to avoid even the lawn around the pool area because during the process of mowing or sprinkling the lawn, algae and microorganisms can grow in the water.


Sand in the filter. We prefer glass sand in our filter for better water filtration. Ideally, a regular check should be made so that colloidal elements are not created in decomposition that are not filtered and a flocculant is used.

What Procedures Does Pool Cleaning Consist Of?

The basic procedures for cleaning the pool are as follows: Purifying the water, maintaining the pH of the pool at a constant value and removing turbidity by filtering and: using special anti-flocculation materials. : Ideally, the these procedures must be carried out in weekly basis.

During the summer months, the cleaning of the pool should be more thorough to avoid algae.

In recent years, however, an innovative technology has been developed for cleaning the pool. This technology involves the chlorination of water with salt. Essentially, a small amount of salt is added to the pool, which is converted into chlorine in a special electrolysis chamber.

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