Inlay with tessellation

The tile pool liner is the better choice in terms of aesthetics result. It is a product that is quite prevalent in the market thanks to the wide variety of shapes, designs and colors thus allowing infinite combinations. Thanks to this wide variety of options, it offers a bright look and great durability over time.

It is made in small dimensions to give the convenience to match properly with the rest of the tones and contrasts and in this way to connect small pieces of tiles of the same or different color thus creating an excellent decorative pattern thus making a pool liner that will surely attract most looks.


Advantages : 

  • it is easily applied on flat surfaces as well as on curved or concave surfaces
  • imparts exceptional hardness and strength 
  • variety of shades and designs

But, on the other hand, it needs a lot of attention to selection of appropriate adhesive placement as the short or long life depends on it since reassembling the mosaic process is not easy at all.

The result, of course, is amazing and absolutely beautiful and aesthetic.

It is noted that the choice of an accurate tile significantly increases the cost of lining the interior of the pool 

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