Pool Without Chlorine

Chlorine Free Swimming Pool Construction

Salt Electrolysis is also a method of disinfecting pool water.

As the salt water enters the titanium chamber, electrolysis takes place, ie the salt breaks down and sodium hypochlorite is produced. The titanium electrode converts the salt (sodium chloride NaCl) into sodium hypochlorite (HClO-). Upon completion of the disinfection process, the sodium hypochlorite is converted back to sodium chloride to start the disinfection process all over again.


Thus the salt is not consumed and its ratio remains constant.




The salt electrolyte continuously recycles the salt so that no residues are created that burden the environment.


  • It offers excellent water quality
  • It offers excellent disinfecting action
  • Prevents skin and eye irritations
  • No chlorine odors caused by chloramines
  • Better buoyancy

Advantages of Electrolysis:


  • Chemical reduction (liquid chlorine) up to 80%
  • Easy installation
  • Low operating costs
  • Better water quality
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Indicative of some products used for the Chlorine Free Pool

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