Pool Lining with Liner


Liner is a PVC material approved for swimming pools. 

It is a sure choice and suggestion for lining the swimming pool. In particular, it offers the absolute tightness and durability of the pool as it is resistant to tearing. 

The advantages of lining are varied:

  • fast and economical way of investment compared to ceramic materials
  • the ability for local fabrication as a part can be removed and rebuilt and a new piece re-inserted in place of the removed one
  • it does not require special maintenance and does not require repeated treatments like other ways of insulating the pool
  • resistant to algae growth 
  • resistant to continuous exposure to radiation
  • long life
  • suitable for all types, sizes and shapes of pools
  • wide range of colors and selection and combination of colors with color stability without fading

The quality of the materials is of high standards as they are resistant to radiation and micro-organisms as it does not contain toxic substances. The surface is smooth and the materials are strong in resistance to the chemicals used to clean the pool and are therefore easy to clean because it has no absorbency. 




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