Swimming Pool Construction
from Concrete with a waterfall

  • The water overflow in the waterfall achieves a quick removal of surface pollutants (leaves, insects, etc.)

keeping the pool constantly clean.

  • It is a more economical choice than a pool with an overflow channel on 4 sides,

maintaining high aesthetics of the environment.

The construction of a pool with a waterfall lends a special aesthetic to the surrounding area but at the same time gives the illusion of the continuity of the pool in our visual image.

The waterfall, i.e. the free overflow of water usually from one or both sides of the pool, is chosen mainly when there is a view towards the sea so that the horizon of the sea is visually united with the water level of the pool, 

offering a unique sight and a wonderful sense of immensity and tranquility.

The construction of a pool with a waterfall, in addition to giving a special aesthetic, also makes its cleaning easier than other pools because there is no water on its walls.

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