Construction of a Concrete Pool with Overflow

Depending on the area of your pool, you can choose the perimeter overflow that ensures a water surface at the same level as the surrounding area.

  The channel gives the feeling that the surface of the pools is greater than its construction dimensions.

Important advantage of the specific method beyond the aesthetic dimension is the best cleanliness of the pool water surface from leaves, branches, etc

Free overflow of water is usually done:

  • from one or both sides of the pool
  • it is mainly chosen when there is a view towards the sea so that the horizon of the sea visually joins the water level of the pool

So it offers a unique sight and a wonderful feeling of immensity and tranquility.

The water covers the entire lip in the pool and ends up overflowing simultaneously on all sides of the pool, inside the grate.

It is noted that the construction of the channel and the overflow tank significantly increase the cost of the pool as the amount of construction materials to be used increases and the construction completion time is extended.

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