Covering with Tile

Ceramic tile lining is most common and widely used lining method for swimming pool interior. It is a proposal where it offers an aesthetic effect to your pool depending on the choice of tile. It is important to emphasize that this investment offers a long service life.

Specifically :

  • resistance to very low temperature and ice
  • tightness
  • non-alteration of the material by the influence of the environment
  • avoiding the formation of a layer of algae
  • excellent resistance to pool chemicals
  • excellent resistance to mechanical stress (e.g. scratches)
  • non-corrosion of the material



The plates used can be manufactured in various dimensions and their shape can be either square or rectangular so that they can be properly adapted to the shape of the levels to be covered.
The bonding material used is a mortar-glue specially processed for swimming pools.

During installation, the welding joints are created where the customer also chooses the color that suits him.

Before installing them, it is necessary to insulate the tank and prepare the surfaces (sanding and gouging) so that with the installation of the tiles the result is excellent and elegant. 

Tile cladding is an option that fits aesthetically almost everywhere and gives long-term proper operation with minimal maintenance problems and its image is always excellent and beautiful.

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