Paving with pebbles

Pebble cladding is a beautiful way of cladding that stands out for its natural effect as well as its durability and absolute tightness. 

The result of this investment is unique as it fits perfectly and harmoniously with the shades of the natural environment.

The lining with the natural round shape of the pebbles creates a fairly soft texture with a safe surface and not at all slippery. 




This particular pool liner has the following characteristics:

  • Long service life due to the thickness of the surface ensuring absolute insulation and durability
  • Clean and hygienic pool due to the absence of joints
  • Variety of colors with different color effect 
  • Ideal for sea water, for new pools or for pool renovation

The placement of the mixture of pebbles on the surrounding walls and the bottom of the pool is done with the use of a special spatula and with many repetitions. During application, water jetting is used at regular intervals to achieve the final finish. 

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