Concrete Pool Construction

Building a concrete pool is the most common way to do it. A concrete pool has many advantages.

The main advantage is that we can give her anything shape we want, whatever size we want in order to achieve the result we wish to have. Concrete pool construction is considered qualitatively better to build. 

When constructed in the right way it gives greater resistance over time in terms of maintenance and repair.

The biggest advantage, however, which characterizes the pool made of reinforced concrete is that it provides unlimited possibilities of dimensions, shapes, as well as lining materials.

You can choose between:


Tile the Mosaic or in investment with Liner even in Epoxy Paint and in any color you wish!

The construction of your pool can be done with overflow, with waterfall or with skimmers.

A concrete pool can be lined with tiles, mosaics, paint and even pebbles!

  • It is noted that in the case tile selection

a special tile adhesive is used and epoxy floor and wall putty is applied except for the pool tank in the channel and overflow tank and anywhere else required and in contact with water. 

  • Also if you choose to paint it interior of the pool

preparation is done by applying an antifungal agent and then 3 layers (3 coats) of paint are applied with 2-component materials. Of course, all of the above solutions also require ongoing maintenance, which can be costly.

Therefore, for the final lining and insulation of your pool, our company recommends the installation of PVC Liner, which is a fairly durable, complete waterproofing and economical material that will give you the results you desire!

  • In case you choose your pool to be heated

installation of thermal insulation throughout the pool is planned to limit thermal losses to a maximum. This is followed by smoothing the surfaces of the pool using cement mortar which is also reinforced with added sealants.

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