Pools without chlorine

First, it must be made clear that the safest way to disinfect water is chlorine. The effectiveness of its disinfecting action combined with the maintenance of the correct PH value ensures the removal of all microorganisms, algae and bacteria from the pool water. Clearly, there are other forms of disinfection, such as salt electrolysis, ozone and ultraviolet rays, which also work in addition to the action of chlorine.

  1. Saltwater Pools: Saltwater pools use a natural process called electrolysis. Salt Electrolysis is one of the friendliest ways to disinfect pool water. The salted water enters the titanium chamber, electrolysis takes place, i.e. the salt breaks down and sodium hypochlorite (liquid chlorine) is produced. A product that can preserve pool water but is not as oxidizing as solid chlorine. So it doesn't irritate them eyes-skin but also does not burden the water with cyanuric acid. So later, the salt reconstitutes itself under the sun's rays to reproduce sodium hypochlorite again when it passes through the chamber.
  2. Ozone Pools: Ozone pools use an ozone generator to produce ozone gas, which is then released into the pool water. This gas kills bacteria and other contaminants in the water.
  3. Swimming pools with the use of ultraviolet radiation:

A typical UV system consists of one or more UV lamps mounted in a protective quartz enclosure that is installed in a stainless steel chamber and through which the pool water passes.

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The swimming pools without chlorine in essence, they use less chlorine and thus we avoid skin irritations, stinging eyes, breathing discomfort. Of course, we cannot have an absence of chlorine, since we can use a natural disinfectant (salt, ozone, ultraviolet rays) but we cannot achieve a residual effect on the pool water. And we must not forget that to ensure the small presence of chlorine (if we use another
disinfection method), an automatic chlorine and PH control and regulation system is required to ensure the correct values, as well as a good filtration system.


What will one must appreciate to choose a way disinfection, it is initially the sensation that wants to feel swimming in his pool. To make sure to ensure the ultimate care of the pool with him more economical and relaxing way to enjoy. If you are looking for a healthier and more natural experience swimming, a chlorine-free pool may be just the solution you're looking for.


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