3 steps for Pool Maintenance

The water recirculation pump for the swimming pool is one of the most basic parts of the electromechanical system equipment along with the filter to keep the water clean, clear and in the right chemical balance.

The pump must run continuously to draw water from the pool, create a flow of water through the filtration system, and thus return the water back to the pool clean.

But due to the fact that it is not possible for him
budget of each owner for the recirculation pump to operate continuously, we suggest that the selection of the pump be made based on the energy efficiency that matches the cubic capacity of the pool and of course that its operating hours be programmed according to the opinion of the specialist maintenance technician.

For the pre-filter : It is necessary to clean the pre-filter of the recirculation pump about once a week.
For the sand filter: Sand cleaning is required approximately once a week.

The procedure followed is as follows:

 We interrupt the operation of the recirculation pump through the circuit breaker on the panel.
– Turn the polyvalve of the filter to the BACKWASH position.


Its automatic filtering system swimming pool can significantly reduce the time that we consume to clean the pool. Also, the robot vacuum cleaner cleaning it pool, the automatic dosing systems and regulating chemicals are some that can us untie the hands!

To keep the pool water clean and healthy and the walls / bottom free of algae, the water PH, free chlorine level and algaecide must be regulated so that their values fluctuate within certain limits. The ideal PH is between 7.2 – 7.6.

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