3 factors in pool tile lining


First, the tile we choose for lining the pool must belong to the "swimming pool" category. Any commercially available tile is not suitable for pool lining.

The main selection criterion is its degree of water absorbency as well as its anti-slip properties. Any manufacturer specializing in production
of only a series of tiles specifically for swimming pools, puts appropriate marking on their products.


It shows what surface the material is intended for – to finish the bottom, side walls, bottom, surround, etc. Correct positioning is an equally important factor that is judged by both the correct and the experienced craftsman which will deal with the installation as well as the materials which should be of good quality. For example, the glue to be used must be special and of good quality.


Based on what we know about the correct cleaning of the pool, since the quality of the pool water is affected by the so-called loads which are algae, bacteria & viruses and the metals, clearly we will have some effects as well on the pool liner. 

The tile surface must not react with 
such substances and withstand the normal effects them without losing their original appearance. It is easy for hot spots to form on the tile infections if not properly brushed and cleaned, as well as if algaecide is not regularly used and PH adjustment.

When the total alkalinity in the pool is 
low, can lead to a cavity in concrete surface, causing it to fall of the tiles. To prevent this from happening, we also check adjust the PH value so that it is correct chemical balance of water.

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The indicators defined by European criteria should be taken into account in the characteristics of the tiles, such as weight resistance, pressure resistance, absorbency, rigidity, anti-slip, etc.

The weight of the pool is an element that affects the tiling in the pool.

So the key things to remember is that you need to make sure you use the right products when first installing your pool tiles. If you notice that your pool tiles are starting to fall off, try to diagnose the problem before you fix them.

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