Swimming pool construction step by step

Step 1:

Planning is the first step for it swimming pool construction. Choose a plan suitable for the given land for the specific terrain, or choose an area of land to accommodate a plan that is already planned. Of primary importance in pool design are the shape, depth, pool area, filtration system and overall size.


The location chosen for the pool as well as its engine room should be ideal for the efficiency of routine maintenance. It is recommended to choose a flat ground, so that the cost of excavation work and the cost of filling is more economical. It is important that there are not many trees in the surrounding area, in order to avoid the pool being filled with leaves. So it won't make it difficult for us to wipe and clean it.

Step 2:

Once the design and location for the swimming pool construction, the next process is to excavate the area to prepare for construction.

Step 3:

The construction of the pool base is of utmost importance. Excavation is carried out so that the lower face becomes flat and uniform. If the site has loose soil, then it must be filled and compacted with firm soil. Once the base of the pool is properly compacted, a small layer of clean-up concrete is placed on the bottom. The thickness of the concrete layer is generally 5 cm.

Step 4:

Once the pool walls are excavated and the foundation prepared, the next step in pool construction is to provide steel reinforcement for the pool wall and bottom. Here the shotcrete process is followed in which a single steel cage reinforcement is provided over the entire inner surface of the pool. In the reinforced or shotcrete process, the construction of a concrete pool is done in one piece without any gap between the wall and the floor.

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