Cleaning a swimming pool from salt: 5 tips

If you have pool, then you know it requires meticulous maintenance, but is worth it for enjoyment you get from swimming and having fun in it. One of most important aspects of it care of the pool is to maintain the pool clean and free of salts. 

Salts are hard and rough, unlike algae which is smooth. Usually, salts are formed in colour white or light brown and do not come off easily. They cause damage to the walls and in the event that pool liner it is tile or mosaic, then cleaning the joints is a difficult task. So what should you do:

  1. Use the right water and check your pool's PH value level:
    Your pool's pH level should be between 7.2 and 7.8. If it is outside this range, then salt may be present. Check your pool's pH level at least once a week to make sure it's in the proper range. When the PH is low, the metals that come into contact with the water oxidize and the pool liner wears out.

  2. Clean the pool regularly with a manual vacuum cleaner:
    The regular vacuuming of your pool with broom is one of them better ones ways to prevent salt build-up.

  3. Maintain the proper level of disinfection in your pool by using the right chemicals for your pool liner:
    Use the tablet correctly chlorine, granular chlorine, PH Minus or PH Plus, when flocculating liquid and algaecide are needed weekly. Use a test kit to check prices. Chlorine has a strong microbicidal effect and you must remember that it is significantly cheaper as a chemical compound and the presence of residual chlorine ensures continuous disinfecting action and destruction of pathogenic microorganisms. Add an extra amount of chlorine, so that superchlorination (shock) occurs when you notice cloudy water or an unpleasant smell.

  4. Clean the pool filter:
    The filter of your pool retains dirt and debris as well as salt. Be sure to clean the filter regularly to prevent them from clogging it.

  5. Add special descaling agents:
    Liquid descalers help to clean the surface of the pool and remove accumulated descalers. However, there are commercial cleaners for pool sand filters in solid form, easily dissolved in water. These help to remove the salts and oils that have settled on the sand grains.
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Remember, regular maintenance and care are the best ways to keep your pool clean and safe for swimming.

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