Swimming Pool Construction:

Before the swimming pool construction: What are the main types we have in a pool?

  1. The 2 main types of swimming pools on the market are conventional swimming pools and prefabricated swimming pools. These 2 types have significant differences in terms of pool construction and the equipment used for each case. Conventional pools are concrete pools and need a comprehensive study by an engineer for their construction, unlike prefab pools. In precast pools, you will clearly need the supervision of an engineer, but to a much lesser extent. The conditions for obtaining a permit to build a swimming pool are much more relaxed in the case of prefabricated ones, while at the same time prefabricated pools are also more economical than conventional pools.

What is the pool construction process for each type?

For concrete pool construction the skimmer and overflow methods are used. The construction can be done in various designs and dimensions and the main stages are as follows:

1) Marking and excavation of the ground
2) Placing the base material (concrete) on the base of the tank
3) Molding and placement of the irons according to the type of static study that has been done by an engineer
4) Installation of piping, drainage, lighting and skimmer.
5) Extra placement of a concrete layer

6) Sealing with the appropriate materials that are spreadable cementitious and smoothing cement mortar.

Accordingly, the construction of a precast pool contains the following stages:

1) Marking and excavation of the soil to specific dimensions (up to 50 square meters) and depth (up to 1.40 meters).
2) Placing the mold of the precast pool
3) Installation of piping, drainage and lighting
4) Waterproofing with light PVC

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What permits are required for the construction of a swimming pool in each case?

The construction of a conventional swimming pool requires a series of bureaucratic procedures before starting the actual construction stage. You will get most of the papers from the Town Planning office closest to your area, while the entire project will be supervised by a qualified engineer. He will be in charge from start to finish
end of the project. The construction of a pre-fab pool does not require a permit from the Town Planning Department if the pool has the appropriate dimensions (up to 50 square meters) and depth (up to 1.40 meters). It only needs a responsible statement from him
engineer supervision and static adequacy study in case you want to make a prefabricated swimming pool on a roof or a floor.

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