How long does it take to build a swimming pool?

When you decide to go ahead with it swimming pool construction in your area, there are some things that will help you better understand the process so that you don't blindly follow the instructions they give you and have an opinion on things. One of them is the time to build a pool. Let's take a look at the time as well as other useful information...

What does one need to know before proceeding with the construction of a swimming pool for his space?

  • If the pool construction concerns a prefabricated pool (precast) or a conventional pool.
  •  In case you choose one swimming pool in front, manufacturing processes are simplified.
  • You don't need planning permission, but you do need the responsible one statement of an engineer who will oversee the whole process.
  • The fact that for the construction of the precast you do not need planning permission simplifies the process.
  • The construction of a prefabricated pool mainly involves digging and configuration of the space to the dimensions provided. Once the design and location for the construction of the pool is determined, the next step is to excavate the area in preparation for construction. The specific actions are the ones that are the most time-consuming for the specific case and we at Pisina Hellas do not go with the fashion which says that "in 2 weeks you will have a swimming pool".
  • On the contrary, if you proceed with the construction of a conventional pool, the procedures will be significantly slower.
  • An important factor for the construction time is and the type of construction of the pool if it is skimmer or overflow. Pools with a waterfall have a higher cost than other types of pools, and this is due to the fact that more materials are required for their construction and sealing.
  • In prefabricated pools only a small scale license is required. Whatever your choice is with the instructions and direction of a construction supervisor, bureaucratic procedures are easier.
  • Before submitting the file for the construction of a swimming pool, an engineer must do his studies and draw his final conclusions on the file.
  • As long as you take the final decision on the construction in your hands of the pool, the process of the actual construction begins, which includes the pavers, concrete, etc.
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Approximately How Much Will It Take to Build a Pool?

In the event that we are talking about the construction of a precast pool In the event that we are talking about the construction of a precast pool you may still be ready to take your first dips in 2 weeks.

On the contrary, for the construction of a conventional one, the period of time for its construction can be quite long. In the best case that everything goes on clock and without delays it can be completed within 2 months.

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