How is Pool Maintenance Done?

THE pool maintenance at regular intervals is necessary for the proper operation of your pool. To keep the water clean and healthy for the bathers, we need to make sure that the walls and the bottom are clean of algae first. Then, to control and regulate the PH of the water, the free chlorine and the algaecide so that their values fluctuate within certain limits.

The pump pre-filter should be cleaned weekly as well as the sand filter if not weekly then definitely every fortnight. The rapid growth of unwanted microorganisms imposes the faithful

following specific pool maintenance protocols.

What Do Pool Maintenance Protocols Include?

A swimming pool's maintenance protocols include a number of actions concerning control of water quality, water temperature and the correct operation of electromechanical equipment.


  1. The circulation of water should be carried out at such a rate as to ensure its complete renewal, within a time period of no longer than 4 hours.
  2. Disinfection of the water should be carried out by adding chlorine, through suitable devices in liquid form, in tablets or in granules, or by adding hypochlorite calcium, sodium or chlorine.
  3. The water temperature should be maintained between 22°C and 25°C.
  4. To carry out a regular check of the good operation of all machines.
  5. Thorough cleaning of visible contaminants floating or sitting on the bottom.
  6. To observe the obligations of bathers regarding personal hygiene.

Maintenance In Swimming Pool Systems

The maintenance of the pool systems is carried out by an experienced maintenance specialist, who is responsible to
regularly checks all machines for their proper operation.

Just before the summer season begins, a total assessment of the situation must be done in order not to be surprised in the middle of summer. And of course during the summer season, whenever a problem occurs, the required pool maintenance must be done immediately.

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The maintenance for the water and the cleaning of the swimming pool

It is certain that unwanted micro-organisms, fungi, bacteria will grow in the pool water when the external conditions allow it (temperature rise). For this reason, the maintenance of your pool in the summer months in particular must be very regular and the protocols must be followed in full.

It is therefore necessary to control and regulate the PH of the water, the free chlorine and the algaecide so that their values fluctuate within certain limits.

Also, you should a regular check of the good operation of all is carried out of the machines.

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