Precast pool 3 differences between Fiberglass and concrete

A precast pool can basically be installed in-ground or above ground (above ground) or placed on a precast concrete slab for added stability. The installation time required for a precast pool is significantly faster than other pool construction. Also, you should know that the possibility of carrying out the work by issuing a Small Scale Permit is significantly cheaper and faster than the corresponding Permit required for the construction of a reinforced concrete pool. The top two types of permanents of prefabricated swimming pools are the swimming pools from Fiberglass - glass wool and the precast concrete pools so let them explore with more details.


Basics differences in precast fiberglass pools and precast concrete pools are as follows:

  1. The prefabricated pool is a construction that is quite durable and at the same time economical. It is not a time-consuming construction as is the precast with concrete, and most importantly, it does not cause disturbance in the construction site, since it is somehow installed flush. 
  2. A planning permit is not required for their construction, but you must pay particular attention because they must not exceed 50 square meters in area. In addition to the area, there are also differences in the depth at which you can make the prefabricated pool. It should not exceed one meter above the ground and the digging that will need to be done should be no more than one meter below the ground. In the fiberglass curtain rod we have specific dimensions and uniform depth, since the construction is standardized.
  3. A special feature of the precast pool is the inner pool lining. In the precast pool with fiberglass we are limited only to the Liner membrane, while in the precast concrete pool we also have a choice of mosaics for lining. Clearly, special care is required in the sanding of the surface to be coated and attention to the method of jointing the material.
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