How to build a swimming pool: The 5 steps


Building a swimming pool is a complex project, but also an incredibly one satisfactory experience. It requires study and preparation, but just barely completed, you will enjoy the new aesthetics of your space.


Here is a basic overview of the steps required to construction of a swimming pool.

  1. The first thing to consider when construction once swimming pool is the location. You want the pool to be in the backyard, near the home or further afield? It is important to consider sun exposure, soil type and drainage of the area. You should also consider any local zoning laws and regulations as well as the terrain morphology (e.g. steep slope, stepped surface);
  2. Once you have determined the location, the next step is to design the pool. This includes deciding on the size, the shape and the depth of the pool, as well as any accessory which you may want, such as a wading pool or slides or even installing a hydromassage or contra system swimming.
  3. Once you've come up with a plan, it's time to get down to business construction of the pool. This includes excavating the area for creating its shape and depth swimming pool, as well as the installation of the necessary hydraulic perimeter networks and mechanical engineering equipment. It will also be necessary to waterproof the pool with special materials, to apply cement mortar possibly, to be troweled with glue and cement in the case of tiling, to be placed marble ledges and the necessary waterproofing work to be done. Whatever her investment pool, insulation must be done carefully to protect the pool from leaks.
  4. Once the pool is installed, you can start filling it with water. Depending on the type of pool you have chosen, you may need to install one pump submersible type to prevent flooding in the engine room and a filter cleaning to keep the water clean and safe for swimming. It can also you want to install an isothermal pool cover to maintain its temperature of water to prevent water from evaporating and reduce maintenance required.
  5. Finally, you will need to landscape the area around the pool. This includes planting trees, shrubs and other plants as well and deck construction. You should take into account that trees and plants will is not to be too close to the pool, so that it does not shade it either, so that the water is less hot, but nor does it get dirty with leaves or branches easily. In this part, a garden decorator will help you.
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It is good to have been preceded by a proper study by experienced builders who will make sure to carry it out and the smallest detail of the construction always according to your needs and in harmony with the space.

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