Pool robot

Pool robots are the latest in automated pool cleaning systems and give you a spotless pool effortlessly!

The pool robot they are autonomous and have powerful cleaning brushes, sensors and advanced filtration systems. They clean and brush the bottom, walls and waterline filtering the pool water in just 2 hours.

They have advanced robotic scanning and thus detect and at the same time remove debris, such as leaves or even branches. They prevent the growth of algae and bacteria.

Pool robots are designed for excellent cleaning, excellent performance and simple operation for comfortable handling. Depending on the pool you have, you will choose the corresponding robot to meet your needs. So for example, in a relatively smaller pool up to 10 meters in length, you will need a light little robot that will effectively clean the bottom and walls for a budget. In a medium-sized pool, up to 12 meters in length, you will need a robot that will definitely clean the bottom, walls and waterline and will have two types of filters (110 & 30 microns) or even remote control.

In an even larger pool, up to 15 meters in length, you will need a robot that will clean the bottom, walls, waterline and corners and will have multiple program options with programming via the remote control. In larger pools, the difference in robots lies in the multiple cleaning programs, the longer cable with swivel and the brushes, some of which are for tiles and others of the combined type for all surfaces.

Pool robots are a great investment for pool owners. Now you can keep your pool sparkling clean for you and your family and enjoy it more!

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