Swimming pool in front

A swimming pool pre is a pool that is assembled and installed immediately after excavation.

Prefab swimming pools are first in preference of the buying public due to easy installation at low cost. The most important thing here is that we have less concrete. The installation time required for a precast pool is significantly faster than other pool construction. Also, you should know that the possibility of carrying out the work by issuing a Small Scale Permit is significantly cheaper and faster than the corresponding Permit required for the construction of a reinforced concrete pool. In polyester aprons we have specific dimensions and usually a single depth.


For the pools in advance we use metal panels 1.10 m high or 1.50 m of galvanized sheet metal that give the shape

and the dimensions of the pool. For polyester prefabricated fiberglass type pools, we again have a wide range of options in dimensions and shapes that serve the needs of the customer.


Have in mind so that the pools in front yes are clearly more financial in terms of construction materials them but

they are also more economical in the chemicals required for their maintenance. Also, the short time their construction makes them even more attractive!

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