The essentials for Pool Maintenance

You have a beautiful swimming pool decorating your garden... but it becomes necessary pool maintenance? Contacting a workshop to undertake the maintenance of your pool is definitely a solution. But wouldn't it be useful if you yourself had some basic knowledge? 

To keep the pool water clean and healthy and the walls / bottom free of algae, the water PH, free chlorine level and algaecide must be regulated so that their values fluctuate within certain limits. In addition to the chemical maintenance of the pool water, you should ensure that the walls and bottom of the pool are kept clean. You should also clean the pump prefilters and sand filter (or pool filter cartridge) weekly.

● Daily: On a daily basis, what needs to be done is to check the skimmer basket for any impurities.
● Weekly: On a weekly basis, pool maintenance requires cleaning the water using a special alkaline cleaner.  Alkaline cleaner means a cleaner that regulates acidity of the pool.


It is necessary to CHECK AND ADJUST PH. The ideal PH is between 7.2 – 7.6. If we need to increase the value of PH (rare) we add SODA or PH PLUS. To increase the PH of the water by 0.1, we add 1 kgr of SODA per 100 m3 of pool water. If we need to reduce the value of PH (more common) we add PH MINUS. To reduce the PH of the pool water by 0.1, we add 1 kgr PH-MINUS per 100 m3 of pool water. That is, 10 gr per cubic.

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Next is the FREE CHLORINE ADJUSTMENT. 0.8 – 3ppm is ideal. Then comes the ALGAECTONIC ADDITION (Blue liquid with a fresh smell). Eliminates green algae and algae. It is a fungicide. DOSAGE: Once a week in a quantity of 3 gr per cubic (m3) of pool water. Then comes the ADDITION OF CROCIN

 (MFLOC or DEFLOC) DOSAGE: Once a week in a quantity of 3 gr per m3 of pool water. ONLY in sand filters.
Of course, then we do SHOCK (SUPERCHLORINATION) (a grain with a bleach smell or in liquid form) DOSAGE: Once a week in an amount of 10 gr per m3 of pool water. In the PREFILTER: The pump prefilter needs to be cleaned
recirculation once a week or so. In the SAND FILTER: Sand cleaning is required once a day
week or so. The procedure followed is as follows: - We interrupt the operation of the recirculation pump through the circuit breaker on the panel.

– Turn the polyvalve of the filter to the BACKWASH position.
- Let's start the recirculation pump for 2-3 minutes.
– We interrupt the operation of the recirculation pump again.
– Turn the polyvalve of the filter to the RINSE position
Also, every week, especially during the months in which the pool is used more often, the pool filters need to be cleaned. It's a step in pool maintenance that some people completely neglect and can cause a serious problem with the pool pump.

● Every 2 years: Service your pool pump. As time goes by, your pool pump accumulates salts and 

the machine underperforms 

Going into practice, you must have at your disposal appropriate equipment and the appropriate chemical products, which will help you in effective pool maintenance. 

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You must have the special alkaline cleaner for water purification. The special alkaline cleaner adjusts the pH to the required value range 7.2-7.6 and this means that the pool water is quite alkaline. The alkaline water is one of the most important reasons that when you do bathing in the pool is not affected by microorganisms. 


For even more effective protection against microorganisms, you also use the special chlorine preparations, which ensure a partial sterilization during pool maintenance.


You can also use and algaecide that prevents the growth of algae.


To dissolve any turbidity, you use flocculating liquids that aggregate the solid unwanted matter on the bottom and remove it during the regular cleaning provided by the pool maintenance protocol. Is your pool relatively small in size and is it not worth paying maintenance crews for its maintenance?


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