3 Tips for Building a Pool without a Permit

Before you begin your installation, make sure you have the proper electrical connections for your new pool. It is definitely necessary to get a professional electrician to do this part of the installation the pool water is kept clean and hygienic and the walls / bottom clear of algae, the water PH, free chlorine level and algaecide must be regulated so that their values fluctuate within certain limits.

In addition to the chemical maintenance of the pool water, you should ensure that the walls and bottom of the pool are kept clean. You should also clean the pump prefilters and sand filter (or pool filter cartridge) weekly.

According to experts, the correct location of the pool will guarantee us absolute safety and quality in the construction of the pool.


The ground if it is sloping the pool is at risk of flooding from mud rains so it is something to pay particular attention to the construction method. Another equally important thing that we should pay attention to is whether the space will be made the structure has strong winds.

If this is the case, the water evaporates a lot quickly and so we have to constantly refill the pool with water. Finally, a point that is clearly sunny and will help the pool water to it's very hot, so we prefer it! Also, we avoid many trees around the pool so we don't have leaves falling into the water every day!

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2 Preparation for building a swimming pool without a permit

First, mark the area where the pool will go. Start at what will be the center of the pool. With a string attached to a large nail or stake, measure the circumference of the pool plus an extra 16cm. Then make the area completely flat.


Most importantly, bring the entire area down to the lowest point level. Attempting to fill low areas instead of digging high areas can result in damage to the pool liner. To create a flat surface, use a straight 1×6 board that is larger than the diameter of the pool. Anchor the board to the center point of the pool so it can rotate. Tape a layer to the top of the board. Rotate the board, digging out areas where the board is not level with the ground. Repeat this process until the board is everywhere and the level balances.

3 assembly steps to build a pool without a permit

Assemble the bottom lip of the wall along the perimeter of the pool area. Inside the ring, place a layer of 8 cm of sand. Then attach the pool walls. Create a sand cove, or corner area of sand, that rests against the pool wall. Install the liner, starting in the center of the pool with the bottom piece. Install and anchor the sidewall liners and secure the top rail. Fill it halfway with water, then connect the filter and pump before you finish filling the pool.

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