5 Rules for Unlicensed Prefab Pools

In earlier years, for the average citizen, the installation of a swimming pool was almost impossible. Having a swimming pool in your home or holiday home was a very expensive and time-consuming process. Today in Greece, the law allows us to build a swimming pool with a small scale permit. Thus, we save time because the process is simplified and of course we have less expenses. Acquiring a swimming pool in our area is no longer an elusive dream! But what are unlicensed swimming pools and how can we obtain them:

Supergrounds are unlicensed pools that
are placed on the ground and are
easy to install. The prefabricated swimming pools without 
license is the ideal solution for you who want to resort to a financial solution at the same time
avoid the lengthy process of installing a traditional pool.


So let's see below the 5 basic rules for prefabricated pools:


  1. It has an area of less than 50 square meters
  2. No static study is required
  3. The engine room must be compact with a pool filter mechanism and per circulation
  4. The height of the pool below the ground should not be more than 1 meter
  5. The height of the pool above the ground must not be more than 1 meter

Don't forget to take seriously that unlicensed swimming pools that can be built without a license must be certified by a declaration before the start of construction signed by the engineer.

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