In the past, building a swimming pool was the privilege of a few. In recent years, the process of acquiring a swimming pool in our area has been simplified. Always, the construction of a swimming pool had as a basic condition the issuance of the appropriate permits, however, with its evolution technology and engineering it is now possible to get your own pool relatively easily and quickly, with less bureaucratic procedures. Engineers and trusted professionals trained in technical pool design and construction will guide you.

What are the unlicensed pools?

The main category included in the unlicensed pools are pre-owned pools. Prefab pools are an abbreviation for prefabricated pools and have as basic construction materials metal panels or polyester and an inner lining, usually a Liner membrane. Here, the concrete cubes are reduced compared to other types of construction, so the planning permit that can be issued is a small permit and clearly more economical than the construction permit for a pool with reinforced concrete. They are required to have an area of up to 50 square meters, be built up to one meter above and below the ground and be 1.20-1.50 meters deep. You will only need an engineer's discretionary supervision of the project, as well as his signature on a liability statement during construction. Also, in case you want to build swimming pools without a permit on a balcony or roof, you will need a study of the static adequacy of the building.

Indicative of the low cost for the unlicensed swimming pools it is the case that you want to build a swimming pool with an area of 30 square meters. In a conventional swimming pool the cost is around 17,000 to 19,000 euros. In a prefabricated pool with metal panels the cost is 10,000 to 12,000 euros, while for a prefabricated polyester pool it is 6,000 to 7,000 euros. Pools without a license are therefore cheaper and their creation is not time-consuming, and for this reason they are more attractive to the public. Get the swimming pool of your dreams at a low cost!

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Provided that all the conditions mentioned above are met, you can build a pool without a permit anywhere you wish. You will of course take into account the layout of the surrounding area, the use of the garden and the composition of the subsoil. The main thing is to have the supervision of a qualified engineer and ask the company that will install it to have certified panels and materials.

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