Swimming Pool Construction

Once in a single-family house or apartment building was an elusive dream.

Today it is no longer an elusive dream since many options are given swimming pool construction. Thus, even in a small space where the dimensions of the pool will be really limited, we can have, for example, a prefabricated pool with metal panels or a fiberglass polyester pool. In another larger space, we clearly have more options such as building a pool with concrete and a skimmer or swimming pool construction with concrete and with overflow. In polyester fiberglass pools, designs are specific. In contrast, concrete pools have no design restrictions. Whatever the customer has imagined can be realized, as long as a plan and section plan has been prepared by the responsible engineer, which will indicate the dimensions and depth. We must always remember that in any case, the construction company is here to advise the owner with its experience and know-how. THE swimming pool construction it is not just an aesthetic building project. It requires special knowledge in the electromechanical part, in the hydraulic part and also in the chemical treatment of water. The way it is constructed in combination with the installation of the appropriate mechanical equipment (e.g. water recirculation pump, filtration system, automation systems) are what contribute to the good operation of the pool. To recap, the steps of project construction are: Study-Excavation-Perimeter hydraulic networks-Swimming pool construction & installation-Pool frame-Electromechanical equipment-Pool lining (with paint or Liner membrane or tile or mosaic) - Marble skirting.

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