Learning about Polyester Pools

Polyester pools are designed and manufactured with functionality, aesthetics and exceptional quality in mind.

Polyester pools are also called fiberglass. They have roots in the Fiberglass revolution in the marine industry. They are made from a material consisting of continuous molecules of the chemical group called esters, hence the name polyester.

Esters are chemical compounds that when joined at multiple levels, such as in polyesters, they give the formed material excellent strength. For for this reason, polyester pools are also widely used in everyday life.

The first and foremost reason to choose a concrete pool construction is that it is intended for one's own use
Owner. Clearly a concrete pool it is more durable than any other pool construction. The aesthetics part is also a great reason to choose a concrete pool, as we have options in shape and dimensions.

The construction of a concrete pool is indicated for cases such as the construction of a pool for a municipal or private swimming pool for the sports needs of groups or the public. In these cases the pools needed are of large dimensions and according to the needs of the athletes. For this reason, the construction must be done based on the conventional way.

Another case where a concrete pool needs to be built is in large hotel units. Many times hotels need to have many types of swimming pools to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

The main feature of polyester pools is that they come in specific dimensions. The molds that the polyester pools have cover the maximum permissible limits so that there is no need to issue a planning permit for the pool. These limits are up to 50 square meters in area and a height of 1.40-1.50 meters.

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For their construction, polyester swimming pools need only a simple digging, as they are transported ready in molds with the filtering mechanism ready. More generally, any swimming pool for its construction needs attention to water filtration, mechanical design and the hydraulic part of the process.

The engineering design is ensured by the engineer who will supervise the process and sign the responsible statement for the construction of the polyester swimming pool. The hydraulic part of the process needs the input of one professional, while the proper filtration for polyester pools is ensured by cleaning by a special workshop every year.

In general, the stages include the following:

  1. Digging to the proper depth and applicable dimensions
  2. Refinement of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic design
  3. Polyester pool snap that comes in truckload molds.

Polyester swimming pools are ideal for domestic spaces but also for hotel accommodation or other business. The fact that planning permission is not required – if all the specifications mentioned above are properly followed makes them extremely popular.

Of course, regular maintenance of the pool and the correct control and measurement of chemicals are essential. Send us any question you have here and our specialized staff will answer you immediately! here.

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