Pool maintenance costs

Let's explore the contributing factors pool maintenance costs and how we can reduce it.

The most important factor is of course the pool maintenance and how regularly and diligently it is done. If you succeed and keep the chemical balance at ideal levels, you will avoid algae. So you immediately save money from additional chemicals (whether it is shock chlorine or algaecide) that you would need and of course from electricity consumption since you will not have to work on the filter all the time to use flocculant. Of course, it is important whether you have installed an automatic dosing system so that you do not exceed the dose of chemicals when throwing but that the quantities are controlled.

THE second factor, are the operating hours of the filter. There is no reason for the filter to run 24/7. Its operating time depends on when your pool is used most often.
Also an important factor is to use an energy efficient pump so that the pump has a longer life.

You are using cover pool, so you can achieve a warmer pool in a natural way. The solar pool cover that blocks the sun's rays is ideal.

If you use a pool cleaning robot, make sure it doesn't run for more than 2-3 hours. There is no reason to use more during the day and thus you save money.

Also, another important factor is the geographical location of the pool. If there are trees around the pool, firstly the sun is blocked so the pool is not so warm and secondly leaves, branches fall and this is something that forces us to clean more often!

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So with these secrets, the right cleaning tools and regular maintenance, you will manage to be happy for the pool you acquired!

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