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We observe heat losses of the pool water from the pool walls to the surrounding area, during the process of adding fresh water, during the period when the temperature difference between the air and the pool water is large (so we also lose large amounts of heat from the pool water) , by the phenomenon of evaporation, where 70% of heat is lost due to evaporation, so we also have heat loss. For this it is necessary to install one in our pool heat pump. A pool heat pump is an efficient and economical way to keep your pool at the right temperature all year round.


The pool heat pumps is the most popular choice for pool heating as they are more energy efficient than other pool heating options. They extract heat from the air outside your pool and use it to heat your pool water. Heat pumps are easy to install, require minimal maintenance and offer significant cost savings over other pool heating options. They can also be used in conjunction with other pool heating equipment such as solar heating systems – solar panels to provide maximum performance and cost savings.

When choosing a pool heat pump, it is important to consider the size of your pool, your climate and the type of pool cover you will be using. The pool cover will reduce evaporation and heat loss to the environment by approximately 50%. The isothermal cover is necessary for better pump performance in pool heating. 

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Swimming pool heat pumps come in a wide variety of shape and performance performance to suit the requirements of the installation site, outdoor temperature and pool water volume. Once your pool heat pump is installed and the settings are adjusted, you will be able to enjoy a warm and comfortable pool all year round. With proper maintenance, a pool heat pump can last for many years and provide you with big savings on your energy bills.


If you're looking for an energy-efficient, cost-effective way to extend your swimming season and keep your pool at the right temperature year-round, a pool heat pump may be the ideal solution. With the right maintenance and selection, a pool heat pump can provide you with years of trouble-free performance and significant savings on your energy bills.

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