Get healthy crystal water with pool salt electrolysis

By installing it salt electrolysis system eliminate the use of chlorine in powder or granules, as well as the use of chlorine in tablet form. The salted water enters a titanium chamber, electrolysis takes place, i.e. the salt breaks down and sodium hypochlorite is produced. Sodium hypochlorite can maintain the pool , but it is not as oxidizing as solid chlorine. The salt reconstitutes itself under the sun's rays to regenerate sodium hypochlorite when it passes through the chamber. This method of pool disinfection has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its cost-effectiveness, ease of use and environmental friendliness.


When it comes to maintaining a healthy, inviting pool, many pool owners are now turning to pool salt electrolysis as a safe and effective way to keep their pool clean and free of bacteria and microorganisms. 


The pool salt electrolysis process involves three basic steps.

First, salt is added to the pool water, usually in the form of salt pellets or granules.

Then the salt it dissolves in the pool water and breaks down into its separate components – sodium and chlorine.

These components are then passed through a series of electrodes, which are connected to a power source. This process causes an electrical current to pass through the pool water, which creates a gentle, but highly effective disinfection.


The benefits of pool salt electrolysis are many.

The process is quick and easy. It is also a more natural and environmentally friendly way of disinfecting your pool as it does not rely on the use of harsh chlorine based chemicals. Plus, the process produces no by-products or pollutants, so you can be sure your pool is free of algae, bacteria and other contaminants.

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So in conclusion, salt electrolysis offers automatic production of disinfectant liquid, economy in the use of chemicals, soft water that is not burdened by solid chlorine by-products, clean and clear water without irritations and odors and of course accompanied by a PH regulator you have a complete water care solution.

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